Anonymous said: THE PACE OF INTERNET IS TOO DAMN SLOW!! Student Senate, plz make Joel Cooper do something

joel cooper is working hard on this issue! many have agreed that the pace of wifi is much better this semester than in years past!

Anonymous said: Noodle spaghetti in Sharples every pasta bar. Not weird non-noodle pasta.

sadly, a lot of people prefer weird, non-noodle pasta, so they will probably continue to offer it. but we could work on always have noodle spaghetti available as an option as well!


We’ll work on that

quintessential-art said: Can we get the hours Essie's takes meals for posted on the Dash? It seems fairly arbitrary, and it's kind of annoying to walk over to Essie's and then be told that they don't take meals. Having a meal times section on the Dash would be helpful so we could conserve our points for the coffee bars. Thanks!

Great suggestion! Campus Life Rep Shaina Lu ‘16 took this on and if you look on the Dash, you will see that the hours have been added.

Just another Sunday meeting

Just another Sunday meeting

Student Senate and Working Groups

Presenting our Student Senate 

Dining Small Step

One small step for Sharples efficiency: put the utensils on the left and right of the serving area (where people exit) instead of at the entrance. This way we’ll only take the utensils that our food requires. 

This is a great idea and one to consider if we  ever renovate the dining hall. I will keep it in mind going forward

Dining Small Step

Ever since I have been here at Swarthmore, I have wondered why Sharples does not have more normal dining hours. Almost anyone I talk to agrees that Sharples should be open later until 8 or so. I think dinner could open at 5 rather than 4 30. The dining hours are just very inconvenient for athletics. We often have to cut short practices in order to race to Sharples to grab a quick plate before they take all the food away. I think it should also be open til 7or 7 30 on weekends.
We have increased the dining hours two times in the past 10 years to try to accommodate athletic practices. Both times when  we increased serving hours the coaches  seemed to make practices run later. This is alway a struggle. Please understand that simply moving the start time for dinner from 4:30-5:00 does not change the problem. The issue is that budget would have to be increased to add additional serving hours and staff. We are looking at serving hours as we continue with the strategic planning . We also have an independent consultant coming to access all aspects of dining from hours of operations, meal plans, serving times, staffing etc. With the strategic planning process and the consultant we hope to gain some good insights for  future planning.

Dining Small Step

The meal time system at essie mae’s is clearly designed to extort the maximum number of points from students who have 1230 classes then labs. The meal period starts with barely enough time to get to class and doesn’t cover the full cost of a basic sandwich item, side and drink, mandating point use of some kind. As long as Sharples is overcrowded at 12:30, students with a lot of labs will continue to be nickled and dimed at Essie Mae’s unless meal equivalency is increased and the time is moved up
I am sorry but Essie Mae’s has always been reserved for faculty and staff from the 12:00-1:00 time period. If you are in that much of a squeeze then please email me (lmcdoug1) and request to pick up a bag lunch the morning of or night before at Sharples . I hope this will help you to get lunch when you are in a crunch because of  the class schedule.

Student Senate Elections!

Here are the results of the Student Senate Elections. Congrats to our new Senators.

In alphabetical order, the 10 new Senators are: 

Matt Bertuch
Sean Bryant  
Andrew Karas
Kwame Koram 
Louis Laine 
Shaina Lu 
Pendle Marshall-Hallmark  
Razi Shaban
Sam Sussman 
Morgan Williams